Writing, sort of, or Programming

Remarkably, I spent a lot of time thinking about Flight of the Scions. In specific, how to arrange some of the scenes and working on character personalities. Now, what I didn't really do was actually start writing said novel rewrite or anything as productive. Instead, I worked on 3 essays for college that I'm going to submit today. I figured 1.5 hours of essays counted as "writing for the day" or something approximating that.

And today, the TIG Demake Competition starts. I wasn't planning on doing this, but I had an idea for the contest this morning as I was waking up. Of course, that means either I'm putting aside writing for 1 month to work on it, or ignoring the idea and chomping at the bit. I thought it was for September though, which wasn't as bad but its apparently... um... today.

I hate having to pick which fun and interesting project to play next. Well, I guess I have about 24 hours to decide if I want to do it. :)