Packed up, ready to go

If it wasn't for this damn work thing, I'd already be on my way. Got six days worth of clothes in my back, probably forgot something important, my laptop in my brand new backpack, no gaming books (why bother?), and a bag full of dice. I even went through and removed the dice I didn't like anymore.

As soon as I get out of work, I'm heading to visit some kitties, change some kitty litter, and then to Illinois for a night of MythTV repair and Wife Cuddle Updates (WCU). And probably then some doggy visits, and wandering out somewhere near noon on Wednesday for the convention; can't check in until 15:00 anyways (though they'll probably let us in early).

I also made a pretty schedule of everything that I might be going to, mostly of the friends who posted their schedules, such as the very busy Anton and slightly less busy Dylan. If I do everything (I won't), then I'll be solid every day. As such, I'll probably be browsing at least a little bit and maybe picking up some new game books to read. And novels, oh, I'll probably get one of everything again this year; that was fun.

Being my fourth year at GenCon, I'm curious to see if I'll come up with a fourth dice game to play while being bored (i.e. waiting for something). I really liked the tactical dice game we came up with two years ago, that was a lot of fun. Last years? Not quite as much fun.

My Internet went out last night, so I couldn't do my homework like I should. Instead, I worked on the game. Yeah, it was really hard to choose what to do. I did finish Dragon Prophecy last night, so I was at least good about meeting my self-imposed deadlines. I got the beginning of a HTML renderer for the game so it shows pretty displays for the help screens and also for the "terminal"--running messages that pretty much identifies a Bard Tale style game.

The right screen shows the beginning of the 3D field for the game, you can see a couple hundred game meters which looks pretty neat. I need to add a sky box to make it look better, but it is really cool to see something moving forward and looking more like a game every day.

Yeah, I'm going to be busy as all hell when I get back.