After 33 birthdays, I get LEGO's!

Have a very nice little birthday. Fluffy was there, didn't leave the apartment. Got to program alone, watch movies with her, and cuddle. And she got me a 700 piece box of LEGO bricks to play with. *squee* Soon, I'll get a much larger collection (I hope) and I'm already planning what I can do with them. At the moment, I want to try making a Warhammer Quest board with it, then maybe running my own game because all things Warhammer are depressing (3 in 6 chance you lose everything while leaving the dungeon, per week, for 1d6 weeks). Though, the idea of making my own board games and trying them out sounds like a lot of fun. I have a couple of ideas and it would be neat to have little LEGO minifigs running around something I created.

Worked on Lethe's Yarn quite a bit this weekend. Ended up learning how to do a wood-style background in Gimp/Photoshop, so I tried to make a steampunk-inspired frame for the game. It wasn't... exactly perfect, I probably should do it in Blender or another 3D modeling program, but it is much nicer than the stone thing I had before. Despite "wasting" a day working on that, I got the main menu up and running, lots of code to move around, and even the character display complete with "100/100" style health bar. It is actually looking like a game finally.

My dad and brother both tried to call me on Saturday, but I managed to get a hold of them later. Stupid cell phone, I turned off the ringer because it gives me a low battery beep for three solid days. Then, I sometimes forget to turn it back on, so I miss calls. One serious reason for having a land line.

In other words, I'm pretty much getting ready for GenCon. Finishing up the things I need to do here, putting my apartment to sleep (i.e. clean up, do dishes, make sure the food is put away), and then seven days of excitement. I have absolutely no idea how its going to turn out, of course, but isn't that the fun part?