Spam and Projects

In the last week, the amount of IM spam I've gotten has basically increased by an order of magnitude. I mean, I'm getting something from MSN chat about every 30 minutes, which is getting seriously annoying since I use that to chat with Fluffy and people at work. Not to mention the 3-4 postings per day on my blog and the 100/day in my email box that gets through my filters. It is getting seriously annoying.

I'm thinking about changing my primary email system to see if I can start filtering out a few more without using a Bayesian filter or needing to download rules every hour to keep up with this crap. Ideally, I'd also like to be able to filter out valid PGP requests (sign your emails, free pass in my inbox) or write something that says "You need to validate your email, please send the following to my address..." or something like that.

Well, one more project to consider. This weekend, I got another writing commission, which is a good sign I'm switching over to writing projects for a bit. And a little money in my pocket. The disappointment with Lethe's Yarn doesn't hurt with the need to work on something satisfying. And I can use the commissions (5 outstanding now) to get me up to speed. And I can finish writing up some reviews on Thursday (today will probably be visit kitties day if a certain letter is at my in-laws) and post them.

And, according to Lulu, I am just 2 sales away from my republish attempt where I'll match the money I made in the first two years of sales of the book in print. :) I really should graph that out and get used to tracking sales, more so on my self-published efforts verses my "properly in print" efforts. I won't, of course, but I'll start that project nicely.

I'm also considering changing my avatar icon slightly. I've been using the Mf moon icon for a few years now and I was thinking of taking my fire moon icon (which I made from a photograph and converted it into SVG) and making an avatar out of that (with text in the middle, of course). Just little things that pop into my head since I actually got sleep last night. Wonder if it would make sense to have a MfGames icon verses a D. Moonfire avatar?