Interesting ideas to think about

Something came up as I was browsing the Internet. Yeah, it was unrelated to anything I was looking for (how to refer to TrueType fonts in a webpage to make them prettier, i.e. how to get a nicer form of Courier on a website), but it came up with this:

Lately, I've been having a problem with title case. In specific, the articles and conjunctions. It's just been bothering and I was seriously considering going to sentence case anyways. So, imagine my surprise and lack of education that much of the rest of the world already does that.

Kind of like quotes. For some reason, call it the programmer in me, I really hate periods inside quotes. This is the American version of it, but I found that the British punctuation is much nicer.

Sonja sighed, "Fine, if that is what you want".

In some ways, I like that better. Of course, despite being in England for a total of thirteen days in my life, I have always had a serious problems with British and American spellings. It makes perfect sense I'm struggling with British/American versions of punctuation and headings too. :)

And another really interesting idea for writers and publishers. Create a top-level directory called /covers/ and put high-resolution covers of all your books in it, in the form of ISBN numbers (no dashes) ending with ".png" or ".jpg" as appropriate. That way, people who want to blog about it can find a really good cover in the same place. When I get published, I think this is a damn good idea and it really has no impact on my hosting bandwidth (12 TB/month and growing, god I love my ISP).