Being all productive and... stuff...

Actually had a nice and productive night. After doing the book review, I sat down with Blender and worked on my model for Baby Squid God. Still feel a bit guilty about it, since I'm not suppose to start for another two weeks, but I'm not touching code for the game itself and it is a "game writing contest" so I don't quite feel so bad. Not to mention, I haven't really touched a 3D modeling program in close to ten years. Even then, the best I did was a bunch of Bryce stuff (i.e. no effort required), Poser travesties (even less work required), and Hackers-inspired computing nodes.

Needless to say, what I'm posting on Sunday will be probably the most complicated thing I've ever done with 3D modeling. I hope it turns out well, but I'm pretty much on track for having something showable then. It kind of looks like a vampire squid except with larger eyes and two normal squid-like tentacles. At the moment, I'm almost done with the eight tentacles, the "skirt", and the main body. Still need to add the spikes on the inside and the tongue (because squid gods have tongues, I decided) before I do the octet-merge (everything is mirrored at this point) into halves, then add the tentacles, eyes and fins (which will make it look more like a dumbo octopus), and to the final merge and cleanup.

It also means I'm getting the "new education headache". I don't know why, but whenever I teach myself anything new, I always get a headache as I try to process new information or muscle skills. In this case, I'm fumbling through the graphic side of things and it is giving me a headache, but you can't really take drugs for it, since that just makes it hard to learn something new in a hurt. Or it does for me. But, it is weird that I get a headache every time I do something like this. I know that it will get better in about two days, if I keep at it, but I never did uv unwrapping, painting, normals, or even rigging (setting up for animation), so I predict lots of headaches in the next two weeks.