Another day, another paragraph

I saw that NaNoWriMo is winding up this year again. Not entirely sure if I'm going to do it. Last year's was... well, it kind of sucked because I was trying to write a 50k word novel, but I never really went back to it to clean, nor did I manage my time properly. I also really don't have any good ideas since I want to work on Flight of the Scions next.

The Lovecraft game writing contest is also going on the month before. I think I'm going to definitely do it, I like the idea of Baby Squid God too much to really pass it by. And it ends on Halloween, but there is always the week after any project where I am burned out which means I'd lose a week of NaNoWriMo because I won't have the creative energies to do anything.

I'm teaching myself 3D modeling before BSG really starts. Yeah, I shouldn't work on the game itself, but I figured I could work on the model since its going to take me 1-2 weeks just to learn the basics and UV painting. I showed some hand-sketches of the BSG to some co-workers and managed to get a few squees out of them, so I might have something adorable. And a backup plan to make it pixel artwork if I can't do the 3D modeling. Guess I'll make that decision on the 25th or so.

There are advantages to both. 3D would be a top-down game while the 2D would probably be a side-scroller or an isometric arrangement. I can hand-draw individual 2D artwork faster, but the 3D would let me do more with the model in the long run (but has a MUCH higher learning curve) and it won't have a blocky look to it that the isometric would have (not to mention, isometric is easier in 3D in my opinion, less work). I have a graphics engine for both (Irrlicht and BooGame respectively for 3D and 2D) that I'm familiar with, though my experience with BooGame is slightly more advanced because I wrote most of it.

I'm planning on using Art of Theft as my inspiration since part of the game is a stealth game. This is easier with 2D models of course and something I'm not entirely sure how to implement in 3D at this point. I just like the idea of the BSG going "boo!" from the shadows for bonus points.

Before I get to BSG, I need to really finish some writing-related projects, including a book review way overdue and some commission work. I'm planning on doing at least some of that tonight.