Not working ahead, I swear!

Over lunch, I started playing with the new version of Gimp (*squee* floating-point numbers in my favorite program). To play around, I'm working with the general idea of what I want Baby Squid God to have. Obviously, I'm not working on the game but its going to take a while to find an "artistic style" I need to use (baring Fluffy blowing me away as she usually does).

Just an initial start and it isn't perfect. But I think it gives a minor idea of what I'm hoping for the game. I am planning on having the game scaled from the get-go, probably x2 or x4 depending on resolution. Most of the game is going to be white-based, with colors being rather important in various parts.

Other than that, not much. I only got a couple hundred words on my commission before the cry of Zelda called me back. I did manage to register for my next college course, which starts next week, so that little TODO item is pulled off. Moving forward is good. :)

I'm also getting ready for having a kitty in the apartment. Worrying about things like where to put the food, how to set up the litter in the tiny place (and how to toilet train her). I worry too much, since its going to be fine, but up to that point, its going to lurk over me. Then, when it happens, I'll be fine.

Because I said so.