Planus interruptus

I am not working on Baby Squid God.

At least that is what it looks like until November 1st. Due to communications, half the people thought "for Halloween" though it meant it ended on Halloween and the other half thought took it to start on Halloween. Since there is no formal announcement by now, I'm going to say "for Halloween" means "starting on Halloween". I'm disappointed, but there really isn't any reason to pout about it.

So, changing gears. I'm good at that. Naturally, I really won't work much on the game itself, I haven't done what I wanted to in September to prepare for it, so I probably won't take October to prepare for it. I can, on the other hand, finish up the commissions, work on Scroll of the Lands, and maybe get a bit of writing done. And finish my website migration to and do the Moonfire Portal site. Good thing I wasn't doing NaNoWriMo, otherwise I'd be really frustrated (the same thing happened last year with a game contest and November).

One of my kitties, Paksenarrion (Paks for short), is moving in with me. Of the three, she is having the worst trouble with the in-laws basement and is tearing out large hunks of her fur. Most of her neck and shoulders are bloody from her scratching which is only getting worse as time goes on. Poor stressed kitty. After talking to my landlady, I'm allowed exactly one cat in my studio. Given that, on Friday, I get that roommate--a high maintenance, adorable little roommate who Fluffy won't mind me sleeping with. On Saturday, I start trying to train said roommate on how to use the toilet. Maybe this time it will work. And if I can get one to use the toilet, then maybe the others will start doing the same.