To the volunteer political helpers

I highly respect your decision to make a choice in picking a candidate. That part is great because I truly respect people who actually vote and make a decision instead of being apathetic about the entire process. I also know that you, as someone willing to get into a call center and call a ton of people to ask them their political affiliation must be a mind-numbing task and probably a miserable one since you really are going to get "yeah, I already agree" or "rot in hell" response, since most people already made up their minds.

But, as a program, I view a list as options. And when you give me this:

  1. Are you going to vote for Obama?
  2. Are you going to vote for McCain?
  3. Are you not going to vote?

... realize that I, as a programmer and who I am, will probably take offense at all three of your questions. I also know that I'm violating your script, but when I say the "fourth choice", please do not be hostile about it? Also, while I'm in the middle of explaining that Iowa does have a Libertarian and Green party both on the presidential ballot, please don't make a disgusted noise and hang up in the middle. If you are going to call me to give me a lecture if I don't agree with your party choice, you better damn well be willing to get a lecture in return about your unwillingness to acknowledge more than two parties.