Friday mornings

I was going to write about the kid being arrested for writing a zombie story, but decided to let others be offended by it. At the initial discussion, I decided I hated it, but since I'll never get the full story, I just didn't feel right. I mean, in today's age, it seems like doing anything beyond being the norm can get you in trouble. I wrote disturbing stories when I was a high school student. Hell, I probably freaked out more than a few teachers, but thankfully they weren't in a hyperactive sense of zero tolerance and fear that I didn't get my own fifteen minutes of fame (and possibly a felony conviction like this kid).

(EDIT: Apparently that was old news dredged up, which is one reason I try not to rant on things until they show up for a while. But, it reminds me of the general trend of things happening with writing, including a kid getting in trouble for writing disturbing stories in Illinois a year ago or so. And, it still didn't change the fact that I was a weird one when I grew up. Also, it is a plausible story in today's age, which is probably why it spread out so fast.)

(EDIT 2: News sites really should put dates on their things. It helps keeps context for this things.)

I still keep writing, even the creepy stuff. Some days, I wonder if I'll get in trouble, but frankly, I like writing about romance and horror. I have more than a few stories that could be called splatterpunk (blood and gore) and they balance out the sweet little stories I send to Fluffy.

One of the stories I wrote, Victim of Love, just got up on the Critters critique group. The initial two responses were, um, vastly different. The first said it sucked, the second said it was wonderfully off the beaten trail. Obviously, it wasn't perfect (still waiting to be the flawless writer) but it looks like there are little bits and pieces I can use and fix. Though, I might have to use some analysis to figure out those bits. I'm hoping if I get 10 critiques, I'll fix anything that more than a quarter mention and rework any section that has more than 50% complaints on. I will admit, having the first critique basically say "learn how to write first" really didn't help.

Though, homework is kicking my ass this week. I actually had to spend *gasp* five hours on it.


Okay, slight joke. I've been cruising through college up to this point. I already knew sooner or later I would have to start actually thinking about my responses to get a good grade. Usually the first week blows and I get comfortable, but I haven't been doing that hot so far so its time to buckle down and try to keep a good grade.

Planning on visiting Fluffy this weekend, so I'm excited about that.

Hrm, looks like I forgot another thing. Last night, I took an hour out to try using sIFR to make my personal site look pretty. I obviously missed something (the blue underline), but I think it doesn't quite feel like a block of text anymore.