Baby Squid God - Mark IV and V

Going to be a day of quite a few posts, but they are greatly differing in their content, so I'll spread them out over the day. The first is, of course, my current obsession that I've been working on during my lunch breaks (because I had to finish homework first). This is my current attempts at the baby squid god.

Yeah, better throws these behind the cut. To my surprise, I actually learned that Firefox 3 has animated PNG's. Well, APNG instead of MNG. Ignoring the politics, it means I can do a lot nicer animations in Firefox. In IE, you should be able to see the images, but the bottom two squids are actually animated on Firefox.

This one uses a much different shading on the eyes. I like it a lot more, it seems more... rounded and innocent to me. And its me learning a new shading technique using Inkscape and SVG.

This uses the more abstract attachment of the hands. I think it fits with the graphic style of Glorious Saber and also a lot easier to animated in my current skill set and programming. For reference, this is a human in the game:

I think its getting a bit more refined.