Writerly and gamerly trudging

Had a pretty fun weekend, though a bit too much work and self-inflicted stress. Worked on Baby Squid God for most of it, after cuddling with the kitties (7 more days and they go home). Managed to get a bouncy baby squid on the screen, but not much more. Last night, I managed to get the beginning of a stage displayed, but again, not much more. Its going slow, but its moving forward. Kind of like NaNoWriMo, I just have to "keep on swimming". Instead of 1,400 words per day, I'm trying to average about 200 LOC a day.

In writing news, I got some feedback from Drops of Crimson. And the news is... wait until December. They got swamped and never got to the bottom of the slushpile I'm assuming. December should also tell me if White Wolf liked my story submission I gave back in September. I also worked on expanding my commission and got that out, hopefully they'll be happy with the response and I'll get some precious monies. So, it was definitely a writerly weekend despite the game writing.

Revamped my wishlist yesterday, mainly updating and removing the duplicates. Not that anyone buys me much, but occasionally someone uses it and I felt the need to clean up. And Fluffy hates getting me anything on the list, I have to give her special requests that no one else knows about. Not entirely sure why, but its part of what we are. And I love her enough not to bitch about it; just not sure what to ask her.