Election night followups

Spent a good hunk of last night not watching TV, but listening to a rant that the only people who should vote are educated property owners. It was not... I guess to say, the best night in the world, but I managed to keep my mouth shut for the most part and just put up a token effort to debate it. The only thing I did talk about was that everyone commits voter fraud, which is something Jeff Duntermann referenced in his own post (which is very well written).

I am sad to see that it looks like Prop 8 and other gay rights stuff seems to have failed. I will admit I'm in a heterosexual marriage, but gay and lesbian marriage rights has pretty much been a hot button of mine for a very long time. I won't go into the details, but I want it to be called marriage, not a civil union. Giving it a different label means it has different rights. And, as I've said before, I never want to see another man sobbing in a waiting room because he wasn't "family" enough to be with his dying lover.

In completely other news, the presidential candidate I voted for didn't even get 1% of the votes. Obviously, that party needs a bit more charismatic help in four years.