Is it better to feel sick or to feel like a writer?

An interesting question, I think, but yesterday, I kind of did both. I wasn't really feeling on top of the world, so I called in sick. Somehow, I still feel guilty about it, like I was just faking it to avoid work, but when I woke up against five hours later, I suspected that I might have been actually sick. Today... not much better, but I'm back at work.

Besides sleeping way too much, my day consisted of working a bit on Baby Squid God and homework. BSG is slowly moving forward, but the code I'm writing is Not Pretty™, actually, its a horrid mess but it is working, so I'm just moving forward and hoping to get to the fun things again. Most of these last bits are getting a new editor up and running so I can actually see my character being posed.

Homework is a struggle. I'm bouncing between 85% and 100% for the most part. This class is hard, a challenge, but I don't feel like the teacher has abandoned me. I'm honestly not getting it to the degree he is looking for, which is fine but depressing. I'll get a B for sure though I'm still aiming for an A.

I also got to the last part of the commission I've been struggling with for two months: the getting paid part. Yep, I got some monies. And, to my surprise, they liked it so much they added an extra one-third on top of my minimum asking price for the story (I always set the minimum and tell them to pay more if they think its worth it). I thought that was damn cool and more so that they liked it so much, they asked for a second commission which will be about the same price. I know I was considering not working on the commissions for the rest of the year, but I'll do this one anyways. Makes me feel like a writer or something.