The weekend of lovely distractions

Well, I do enjoy being married. So, it was a nice weekend where I get to pretend to be married again. A bachelor again for another 2.5 weeks, but still...

Spent a good hunk of Saturday and Sunday either going shopping for things we actually needed (clothes, coat), a few things we didn't need (book, a computer game called Darkstar One), and one thing I really didn't need (Chinese food from the HyVee counter). Kill the bank account, but not as badly as I thought, and generally had a grand time.

Fluffy ran off to do family things on Saturday, so I spent a few hours killing time working on Baby Squid God and got a bit further in progress. At this point, I'm not really focusing on it as much as I could, but I'm still moving forward. This time, I got it to handle resolution changes mid-game so you can switch between full screen and windows, and rotate through the resolutions to find the perfect one for you. Pretty slick, I thought.

Interestingly, I'm getting stuck in the same place I got stuck with Ponies Among Us: poses. I can picture them in my head, but I'm having trouble getting all the math build up for me to write it out by hand. I avoided the IK chain this time, but it is still hard to tweak it. And, writing an editor program is not my favorite thing to do, but something I probably have to do with this project. I'm just avoiding it.

I also got a bit sore over the weekend; I'm limping all over the place, but that should clear up in a few days. The other good news is that the kitties are back home in Illinois, so less stress on everyone's part. Well, once they settle that is.

Overall, good weekend.