The winds of change

This holiday week may be signaling a rather interesting change of pace in my life. Obviously, it started with putting Smokey to sleep, but it also marked the point where Fluffy gets a roommate to hopefully help with our financial woes. Sadly, my refinance didn't go through, nor an extended line of credit, so its probably the one way to help. Not to mention, it means that Fluffy has an adult in the house and a two-year old running around. Which might help the biological alarm clock ringing every time I visit. :)

It was also a chance to watch Firefly again (yah for Nathan Fillion's's butt! I mean, everyone else too... :P), Invader Zim, and Absolutely Fabulous. If you can't guess, most of the week was watching DVD's and just spending time with the wifetype in a happy martial bliss.

We also picked up Rayman Ravin Rabbid 3. They really figured out what they did wrong with #2 and made it good for #3. The WiiFit board really worked out well for some of the games, Fluffy is pretty good at the dancing games if they involve full-body movement instead of the pure timing/rhythm games that I excel at. I also ended up playing DarkStar One until it crashed four times in two hours and a few hours of Jak II, which I'm borrowing from a co-worker.

Driving wasn't pleasant, but not terrible. Its about 230 miles or so one way to Illinois and going there at night wasn't too bad. FiL annoyed the hell out of me right before I left, mainly with his opinions of what you should do with gays. I hate that he won't see any other opinion, but what can I do? He won't change probably as much as I won't change. He doesn't really care if he's a bigot, it is what he is and he sees no reason to change it. I decided a few weeks ago to stop talking about it, but he keeps bringing it up. Besides that, it was great going to Illinois, but it started snowing on the way back to Iowa. So, I had to suffer with the frequent slowdowns as people rubbernecked the accidents.

Remember boys and girls: it is the passenger's job to look at the accidents and the driver's job to keep moving forward. After the fact, its the passenger's job to tell the driver all about it.

Obviously, I missed the deadline for Baby Squid God. This time, I mean it, I'm not going to do another game writing contest until 4E7 and just focus on the game I already have to fin: CuteGod, Wordplay, and Baby Squid God. I'm going to focus on writing and finishing stuff this month, around all the holiday trials, of course.

Started working on a longish story. It won't amount to much, other than just the simple joy of writing (its pretty much non-publishable since I'm going to be posting it on a story site). After that, I'm planning on working on my two commissions (one from April of this year). I'm dealing with the fun of a new writing project, when all the characters are so... new. Its like a first date all over again.