Two down

Very pleasant night last night. After spending way too much at the grocery store (why, oh why do they have LEGO bricks there? *whimper*), I spent the night writing. Got the chapter done for the serial. It wasn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it. Working on my passive voice problem with this serial, its hard to retrain myself to avoid certain words but I'm beginning to get uncomfortable when I use them, so that's probably a good direction to aim with. I highly suspect I'll be writing a program at some point, just to help keep me on track of my flaws.

I also finished my Critters obligation (one critique a week). I'm hoping to send a story over to them this week, maybe to submit it somewhere in the beginning of next year.

And finally, started working on the new Moonfire portal site. The graphical idea I have is sound, just... complicated. And if I do it right, it won't look complicated at all. There is a certain art in making good websites. This idea I have is a bit more complicated than most. I suspect it will take a few days to even get something that looks reasonably good.