A hermit emerges

I had a very busy and interesting weekend, filled with in-laws, programs, and getting my grade in college (an "A").

Most of Friday and Saturday ended up being for the in-laws. On Friday, spent a few hours with FiL talking about everything and nothing. He made a really good pork roast and I did laundry. On Saturday, I helped my aunt-in-law set up her new Vista machine and help her learn the changes in Windows since we gave her a computer 5-6 years ago. Just a few little changes. :) It also reminded me, dial-up sucks when you are used to a cable modem.

And on my side of the family, starting the planning for the holidays thing. A couple good hours with my dad on holiday plans and how to render things in Blender. It's interesting that he and I both like the program, but we have completely different goals of what we want out of it. He wants realism, I want abstraction (line drawings are love...).

Beyond that, I did some work for Prebuild and got a bunch of patches put into the system. Minor little things, but I'm aiming for a release next Saturday.

I also got BooGame to compile and run under Linux. I honestly thought it would be a lot more work, but it just took a couple minor things and `mdtool`. Very cool since it means that I'm still on track for making Baby Squid God and CuteGod both multi-platform with a minimum of work.

Beyond that, not much more. I spent all of Sunday in the apartment, so I missed the notice to park on a lower level to avoid the -30 C tempatures that hit the city; I had the joys of scraping off my car in really cold weather this morning.

I should probably get gloves. Or, more importantly, more than a single glove.

This coming week should be mostly a writing week. I'm hoping to do a bit more programming in the latter half, but I want to write a short story (maybe two), do my Critters obligations, work on my commission, and write another chapter for my serial.

Oh yeah, and a petition. I really need to get off my ass and write my college course petitions so I can actually graduate next year. This is a Good Thing™ with our future plans.