Not a good start

Iowa has a pretty good snowstorm going on right now. The roads are slick and people are driving half the speed limit, but my bad day started before any of that. It started with me waking up, because I was utterly convinced that an intelligent cockroach was trying to learn how to program while I slept, but kept hiding under my pillows when I woke up.

God, I love strange dreams.

However, I had to crawl into the side door of my car to get into it today since someone parked maybe 20 cm away from my door. I scuffed my pants, was late for a conference call when went down twice during said meeting with India. I feel... not very graceful at the moment, as I cleaned off my pants with a damp paper towel and hoped no one would be staring at the wet mark centered on the zipper. And my mat on the floor is covered in sand. Yeah, its going to be a good day. Half my co-workers have already called in snowed.

My lack of productivity last night isn't helping. I got in about two thousand words on one commission over four hours, then just watched Cars for the rest of the evening before going to sleep. This weekend, I'm hoping to be really productive and actually get at least half of my TODO list done.

I'm going to make it a good day though. I have a cup of Earl Gray sitting on my desk, strawberry oatmeal, and I'm going to finish at least one commission, if not both, this weekend.

Though, I liked some of the suggestions the cockroach gave.