I be a writer

Worked on my commission this weekend. Took about 12 hours on Saturday, but they were highly distracted hours since I kept getting phone calls and IM requests. And don't forget the half hour conversation with Fluffy that kept ending with "stop being so interesting to talk to so I can visit you!" All four times.

In the end, I finished the first draft of the story and I'm pretty happy with it. It came at just over 10k words and needs a bit of polish before I can send it out. I should have it done by Tuesday and then a week of editing and I'll be done. *squee*

I also got another commission request. Its a pretty easy one and they are my best customer so I'm not going to turn it down. So, yah for writing!

I also did a release of Prebuild and got to learn more about the Sourceforge file release process.

Somewhere down the line, I managed to also upgrade my forum, sign up for next quarter's classes, and start considering writing my petition for the class. Oh, and have a nice conversation with my dad about the nature of the holidays and gifts.