Writing and Classes

Doing a bit of writing. Last week, I had a few seriously down parts and it managed to pretty my lynch my creativity for the week. But, this week, I got a bit of writing done and things are moving forward nicely.

I finished my commission. It came with the best payment ever--money from PayPal and another request. Yah for another commission. I'm working on a prepay commission and it reminds me exactly why I hate being prepaid for my commissions. Knowing I would get paid at the end is one of those motivators and when I don't have that, I find myself working on other things instead.

Classes started last week. Compared to the struggles I had before this, I'm not having a lot of trouble with this one. Week one... make a website. Week two? Make a website with multiple pages and links! *squee*

Overall, I'm having a good week this week. I won't be blogging probably as frequently as before (last week again), but I'm hoping to get into "real" writing (i.e. stuff that might get me published). I'll see, these first few months of 2009 are going to be transitional.