Little bit of creativity

Got the details for my third commission this weekend. It's going to be hard, but doable. Only about five thousand words. The second one is ten thousand words, and the first is... well, they have a fifty thousand word limit and all the commissions they want until they expend it (giving money when I'm desperate is a good thing). And I have three weeks to finish that and the second one, so it's going to be a very busy two weeks mixed in with college, work, and that "relaxing" thing. I'll probably skip the relaxing thing as usually.

Actually, I tried to skip the relaxing thing. But, I got to this point where I was deciding if I should sit down and program, sit down and write, or read a book. So, in times of that, I did what I usually do: roll dice. Big old handful of HERO system dice, because they are pretty... and green. Of the dice, 80% said "read a book!" so I did. I'll probably review it later, not sure. I wanted to read the PDF book I have from a friend, but the idea of staring at a screen for four hours... well, I realized I needed to sprawl out in a puddle of sun, drip myself into my blankets, and just... do nothing.

I both hate and absolutely love doing nothing.

The nice bit is that I'm enjoying the writing. I haven't even tried to program lately, because I don't really see a need to, or a desire. I haven't done my Critters obligation though, really need to catch up on that. I also need to get Victim of Love updated and resubmitted. Between that, commissions, and my serial, I'm pretty and happily busy.

I keep thinking I should submit stories, but commissions are holding me pretty well and I know that they are seasonal. In a few months, I won't have any so take everything I can now.