The problem with sleep

The problem with sleep is probably not actually a problem, but a perception of a problem. I'm always trying to do more and that nasty old sleep thing just keeps getting in the way. I mean, why do I need eight hours? Why do I want thirteen before I actually feel rested? Damn it, I have things to do.

But, that is part of the obsession. Getting things done. I have work, college, and writing and they all take time. And I always seem to waste a few hours doing that "eating and other crap" thing.

On the other hand, I'm a lot more awake when I actually go to bed at 21:00 instead of 01:30. Of course, that means I'm actually in bed at 22:00 because somehow, in a 43 square meter apartment, living alone, it takes me a full hour to brush my teeth (2 minutes) and shower (10 minutes).

Every. Single. Time.

Only got one thing done last night: homework. Wanted to play with websites or move Glorious Saber to its new home, or even get the VPN working on Linux, but no... I wanted to sleep and get rested.

This is one of those I hate that I'm glad I did it thing.