How do I waste the time?

Ended up working late last night on a customer issue. Fortunately, I'm not inclined to ignore the phone in the last three minutes of my work day in the off chance I'll spend an hour and a half trying to fix things. However, it is highly annoying when I can't figure out the problem. I'm suppose to be this impressive programmer, damn it.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for healthy food, I brought home the results of my unhealthy (Subway club sandwhich) lunch because I forgot to do groceries the day before. It isn't that Subway isn't bad, it is the pawn shop next to it that isn't (financially) healthy. 3010 DVD's for $30. "I got me some BAD movies!" including Ultraviolet, an absolutely terrible movie with some neat colors I like.

Since I didn't get home late, I didn't try to write. Instead, I just did little things. Like figure out how to get my VPN working from Linux, including a remote desktop to my work machine. Now, I don't have to use Windows again except for World of Goo and Crayon Physics Deluxe. And the second those turn Linux-friendly, I'll be ecstatic.

Then I spent an hour moving Glorious Saber to its new home. Not pretty right now, but it uses ComicPress in a shared environment (update one place, update them all) which means it has all those features I spent a week writing before. And, sadly, probably more secure, faster, and better developed.

Going through the strips, I still enjoy read it and looking at how my own graphical style is getting slightly mature. And getting depressed that its been over a year. And almost two years since my Exalted in-character journal has been updated. I always worry about the abstract nature of the Glorious Saber. I get complaints about the lack of arms and legs, but I like it. I also like Absurd comic and the Oblongs probably for the same reason. Though, both of those go with limited mobility where I go with not rendering arms and legs.

And, in the constant need to go to sleep on time, I managed to take almost three hours to get to bed. Apparently, in the middle of my shower, I decided I really wanted to get text-to-speech working on my computer.



What is wrong with me?

So, my computer can do some pretty talking. And I sort of added the programs to do some musical backgrounds. And was reminded that I really, really want an IPA dictionary to correct some of that really bad speaking. And that I liked Running Bomb but it needed help. And a tone of other things.

Guess what, apparently I'm exhausted.

Go figure.