GenCon Spending and Bunny Bois

Week five and I've managed to avoid growing bunny ears from eating all this salad. I'm still trying to decide if I'm glad, disappointed, or a closet furry as I made my salad this morning. Just the usual for the last week: green peppers, tomatoes, and grapes. I don't use salad dressing, not even in the beginning, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Of course, that also means no magical weight loss either. I need to force myself to exercise more, which is actually the hardest part. All I want to do is go home and play on the computer. Or write on the laptop while watching really hideous movies. You know, movies that their previous owners thought were so bad, even the two dollars they get from the pawn shop was something to get back for one to two hours of their life.

Been doing a lot of writing lately. Got back the feedback on one of my commissions. No changes requested and do you want money, sir? Very happy about that one; hopefully I'll be getting a bit of cash (via PayPal) this week. It will help make up for the overboard spending we did for GenCon this year.

Registration was last Sunday. Not a big deal, they increased the price, but frankly, that isn't a bad thing. Still won't touch the VIG package with a four meter pole. Housing opened up on Tuesday at 11:00 my time. I managed to forget for various reasons until 19:00 or so. When I went on, there was... only one room open for the dates I normally do. A single, which doesn't really work out of we have our usual 5-6 people in the room. Two if I showed up the day of the convention which I'm not fond of because I like relaxing before the big show. It decided to try out the schedule outside of the housing block. Only for the Sheraton, which I happen to like, and found a king sized room for the days I wanted.

We decided to go forward with it. About thirty seconds after I hit "submit", the fine print on the bottom registered. "... will be charged on 2/17/2009". Ignoring the slow shudder I felt for not using ISO dates (2009-02-17), I realized I better make damn sure I have enough on the credit card now. It went through, so I guess we're committed. Balance on credit card? $2.

Minor note: Their email used 12-AUG-2009 which is just slightly more offensive. Why can't people use international standards?

Oh well, I'm stressed for spending that much money in the middle of this economic times, but I guess I'm glad it's over. You never know what happens in six months.

I will admit, despite my worry about the bank account, I "accidentally" went through the LEGO aisle at WalMart yesterday. I was perfectly fine windowing browsing until I found the 2009 Pirates box with the octopus.

Can't resist the cephalopods.

I'm named her Chris.