Failed my Perception + Awareness check

Why, yes, I did fail that check. I managed to make it for the pizza guy who took the effort to tell me I had a kick-ass last name. Which, I'm sure he thought resulted in his 40% tip but he doesn't know me well.

I always tip high.

And I tell everyone about my last name.

About an hour later, though, the door knocked again. My first thought is that I didn't sign the right receipt for the pizza. But, when I opened my door, someone left a basket of dirty laundry and a cat in a carrier at my door.


I'd like you to know, that the cat wasn't impressed with my last name. Or did she get a 40% tip. But, the wife hiding around the corner, oh, she got the tip.

Poor Fluffy, she was feeling so miserable and sick that she decided to drive three hours to spend a few days with me. Not including the time to get the dog to visit his grandpa and getting everything scheduled.

In so many ways, I love her so much. I'm glad that she is giving me a chance to take care of her, but also the world is just a tad brighter with her next to me.

Which is good, since I'm having a seriously bad week when it comes to self-doubt, depression, and wondering of my self worth. Work is... hard on everyone and the economy is taking its toll around me. I'm going to work lately terrified that it will be my last day. I don't know where I stand with my boss and, after being with the previous company for twenty years, I don't know if the boss is upset at me, the world, or everything else going on. On one hand, I think I'm doing the best I can, and on the other, I feel like I'm walking (employment) death row.

At least when I hug Fluffy and the cats, it doesn't feel so bad.