Monday morning *yawn*

Another Monday has rolled around, surprising me with a cat who wanted attention and that sharp burst of "oh shit" as I accidentally turned off my alarm clock. Fortunately, I could reset the alarm and go back to sleep for my precious nine minutes.

Actually, a very productive weekend. I wrote about 10k words on my serial, 5k words to finish the first draft of my second commission, and did two Critters critiques. Oh, and taxes, dishes, most of a petition, my resume (for the petition) and playing with my LEGO pieces. I also managed to watch six movies. I also found a toy that I really want now. Do it yourself hand-held gaming... yummy.

I like being productive. It will make up for my complete lack of productivity when Fluffy comes into town in a few days. My life is ebbs and flows when it comes to writing. Something I'm sure will normalize at some point. I also got to thinking about my novel for the year. What topic to write? What tone? Should I go with the cowboy in the fairy land that I wrote a short story idea previously? Peg and Sue go into space? Another steampunk? Does it have a chance to get published? You know, the usual.

When I finish my serial (technically about 10 weeks from now, but I doubt it), I'm either going to finish the Glorious Saber arc out or work on the novel. Just not sure.