Decisions made

Last night, I thought about my novel of the year. Just like the last 6-7 years, I'm planning on writing at least one novel by the end of the year. Last year's novel, DL, ended up being one of my best novels (still not published), so I'm only hoping to get better.

I was trying to decide between the gay romance one for the short story I wrote earlier or one on selkie's (inspired by a character from scienceprincess's character in my HERO system-based Changeling game (side note, that was a great game). I couldn't decide between the two, so I did what I always do.

I asked Fluffy.

She mentioned that she still waited for Peg and Sue with some silly sub-title (working will be Peg and Sue Go Into Space). So, she decided the novel for the year and I have a plan.

Plans always make me feel better.