Scary baby steps

Yesterday, we took one of those really scary little steps toward me moving out of this apartment and into some place I can have all my family visit: we applied for a new rental house. Not really that impressive, my lease is up April 21 (I've been here almost a year, wow...) and it's about time to step up and not have Fluffy visiting every week or so.

When we first started, it was every two weeks, alternating between Iowa and Illinois. Through various factors, she is coming more often and staying a week at a time.

Which is lovely except I simply can't get anything done. No homework, no commissions, hell even the thirty minutes for my Critters obligation is a struggle. Couldn't even consider homework. I can't wait until we get into the same house, where we have a nice schedule and life turns into, well, a rut. Because I like having a schedule I can commit to. When I can plan more than four weeks ahead, I can get into a RPG game or plan out my writing night since I have a novel coming up.

We don't know if we'll get the house yet. The landlord had multiple applicants, so its ass-kissing and buttering up that will decide who gets it.

Here's hoping I kiss good ass.