Writing frameworks

I write with a framework. Take this serial for example. I actually managed to keep up with one chapter every two weeks without a problem. The one before that, DL, came down to 2-4k words every week, right on schedule except near the end where I was doing 2-4k words every day.

Since I lost the audience (site still isn't up), I haven't been to write much on it. If I started this as a novel, writing in the silence of my own imagination, it would have been easier to keep going. But, since I started with the intent of having an audience, I'm having trouble writing because I'm missing some part of it.

That's frustrating. I can change gears, actually I'm trying, Just taking a bit and I'm getting distracted with getting ready for this move in a few weeks. All this lovely packing, juggling money, and everything else.

Soon, soon, I'll have a new pattern in life to get used to.

I'm planning on the writing and programming coming back after that.