Surprise! No sleep.

Fluffy has a job interview later today. Last night, while we were talking, she mentioned that she might come last night instead of today, mainly so she doesn't have to rush around.

Somehow, I thought she would be coming, so I ended up staying up later than I normally do (23:00 three nights in a row, bad Dylan) and had trouble sleeping. I managed to drift off around 00:30 or so.

Near 03:30, Fluffy came through my door. I suspect she hung around for a few hours, trying to make a decision, then finally decided to head on over. I could never do that, midnight driving isn't for me.

I'm always happy she is here. We didn't really talk at all, mainly because I had work in a few hours, but it woke me up enough that I didn't get back to sleep until 05:00 or so.

It's going to be a tired day.

I managed to finish the second draft of my commission last night. I'm not exactly happy with it, but for this commissioner, I'm never happy with the story but they are. I sent it out, with the usual offer to expand on it. Hopefully they'll enjoy it.

Knowing I have to move in four weeks is pushing me to finish all those little things that I've been stalling on. I still have a few more hundred DVD's to enter, a dozen books to finish reviewing, and petitions to blow through. I finished sorting through my LEGO blocks last night; I need to not buy any new toys until after the move.

It is change.

Not fond of it, but it is what it is, so I'm going to do it.