It nets out to neutral

Today has been a relatively good and somewhat frustrating day at the same time. A bit long and wandering though, both the good, the eh, and idle thoughts.

I decided to mark my Critters membership as inactive, which I hate doing. I like critiquing, but I feel that if I'm not posting something new at least every few months and letting my critiques slip, I'm not really participating. I figured once I get back into writing heavily into topics they deal with, I'll active my membership and get right back into the mix.

I also sent a letter to my landlord telling them I'm leaving in a month or so. I don't feel I have to, we have a legal contract and it ends in 40 days. There is no auto-renewal clause, there is nothing beyond it. But apparently it's one of those excuses the landlord takes for not giving back a deposit. It doesn't matter if it is polite or not--I already planned on doing it--I don't like when I have to, despite the fact my understanding of legalese says I don't.

Oh well.

I also talked to my brother. In these discussions about what we would do with the economy, one of my opinions is that the auto makers (and their unions) should be reminded that they have a business model that needs to drastically change. One of the consequences of this, sadly, might result in one going under or really close to it. It is hard when you have family in that industry, more so when you find out they were laid off. Me and my brother both like plans. We have our "master plans" for the future (though he doesn't call it the Salmon Plan like me). Both of us have been hit with some really nasty distractions on that aspect (one of them has the potentially of really throwing a wrench into my plan). But, when compared to my misery of the flood in Iowa, being laid off in Detroit is devastating. I really hope he gets back on his feet and his wife, also in the car industry, manages to survive this.

Even with all that, it didn't really temper the email that gave me the results of my first college petition.


One down, four to go. They accepted it without any comments, which makes me feel really damn good about it. Apparently, I write at an appropriate level of a master's course and I can prove it with supporting documentation and well-reason arguments.

Yah, me!

I've been focusing on this move in the next two weeks. Instead of relaxing and playing a video game, I ended up filing the last of my DVD's into the filing cabinet. I know have just about every DVD I own entered into the computer... for the week at least. I'm also working on getting my finances entered into the computer, sorting my LEGO toys, and generally knocking things off my TODO list.

I did do one naughty thing today. For the last few (i.e. five including all my commission income) months, I didn't spend my entertainment fund because I kept using it to pay bills. With the refinance and everything, I actually got it back and decided to blow it on something I wanted: a Nokia n810. No, I don't need it. But, I know I'm beginning to forget what books I really want to pick up, what DVD's I'm missing (like having 1-5 and 8-10 of a series), and a list of addresses. It's a little PDA, a bit pricey, but I think I could use it. Plus, it would be just like Fluffy when she plays Scrabble in bed on her phone... I too shall have a hand-held computer to play games. And mine will be Linux! Bwahahaha!

Yeah, I want to write a game for it.

Speaking of games, I'm beginning to want to write a game. A massively single-player online RPG (MSPORPG). This is frustrating, mainly because I had that self-imposed desire to finish CuteGod and Baby Squid God. Not sure of those really should just be trunked or not, though. I want to finish, but you know what, I should also learn when to let things go.