Low-grade OCD

Worked on my commission last night and managed to get through the rewrite of one of the scenes. Just one more, which is much harder since it is going to end up a two page mental battle of a man tied up in a basement. I'm not so great with inner monologues; regular dialogs yes, even trilogues I'm good at, but not monologues. I probably would be terrible at pentalogues though, just because it gets confusing at that point.

I'll probably get that Sunday and Monday night and send it out right before we move. Or, at least that is the plan as of now.

EDIT: I also got 4 GiB RAM that I ordered last weekend. With that, I upgraded my machine from 1 GiB to 4 GiB and suddenly things are working a lot smoother again. Apparently KDE 4 is a bit too much of a memory hog for just 1 GiB. Not to mention, I can open up an extra 60 windows, just like I like to. And no swapping! Well, at least until I get used to it. RAM with computers is like a bed with cats, sooner or later, it always gets filled.

Fluffy is in town again, just not here. She originally had a photo shoot today, but it got rescheduled for Monday morning. So, she spent the night in the hotel as originally planned and I'm going to visit her tonight for two days of hotel goodness and destressing of the wife.

In anticipation of her playing Scrabble on her phone, something we both like to participate, I got my n810 up and running with some games. So pretty. The problem is, I got it almost working somewhere around 21:30 and messed around with a half hour before I realized I had the "chinook" distribution and not the "diablo" one that most games used.

In frustration, I gave up and took my shower. As I was getting out, I realized I wasn't letting it go and decided to upgrade and install all the games I wanted and could find.

Somewhere around 00:50, I realized I really, really had to get to bed. I'm tired and exhausted, but I have a bag full of clean clothes, a swimsuit, a n810 to play with, and a stack of book as tall as my hand. And I got paid today.

I'm good.

Yep... I'm good.