And the moment of truth...
Weight Loss: 14.7 kg (32.4 lbs)
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From my first week of Weight Watchers, I lost 1.6 kg or 3.6 pounds. Pretty good, about 10% of my goal, but I already know that I probably can't maintain that rate. I've been struggling today. With food, focus, and everything else. It seems unsurmountable, though I know that I just have to take one step at a time.

It doesn't help that my doctor's office--and a doctor's who specialty is diabetes--is so damn... cheerful about this. Like celebrating the fact I'm pre-diabetic and almost treating me as if I already had this wonderful new disease.

I'm unhappy.

I also had a long talk to their general manager about blood work. In specific, the almost thousand dollar bill for tests that nailed my HSA like no tomorrow. I flat out said I wouldn't be back until it had a positive balance so I have an appointment on May 27 for the a1c test which will confirm my diabetes... which is what it sounded like when I was talking to them.

Oh well, I can't really do much with the a1c test since it is a three month test, but I can try to seriously get much closer to my goal weight in the next month or so. I figured I'll use my annoyance to keep me exercising (though, I was really bad tonight with sushi).

I'm also not sure I'm going to switch doctors quite yet. What they say is verifiable, though I did have a good test and they do acknowledge that it is suppose to be 3 tests at 126 and I've only had two tests in the last year and a half and one of them was under the magic level. They can push all they want, and they are probably right, but I'm just a bit overwhelmed and scared at the moment for them being cheerful about it.