Moving month
Weight Loss: 14.7 kg (32.4 lbs)
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It's amazing. We packed and moved the entire house in Illinois in a matter of a weekend, but to move from a small apartment takes four weeks of effort. Today, I finally handed over the keys to the apartment after Fluffy and I got through our final cleaning last night.

Now, Fluffy did break her back to pack the house six months ago, but the loading of the truck, moving, and unloading still eclipsed the sheer amount of effort and took less time.

Oh well, I'm down to two residential addresses again. And this is a good thing.

I haven't found my rut yet, but remarkably, I'm still happy. I did decide to hold off on finding a gaming group though. Unless I fall into one, I need to focus on everything else going on and it is something that I miss but can set aside for a few months or years. I'll get my fix at GenCon this year and maybe actually be a bit less pathetic about enjoying writers.

If I can remember to pre-register for stuff.

And to finish the reviews I promised.