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Wow, the last eighteen hours have been very interesting. It started with me coming out of work and going across the street to Weight Watchers. I thought I did horribly this week, mainly because I actually ordered in food and didn't work out while being sick. But, according to the scale, I lost 1.5 kg last week. Which makes a total of 4.1 kg lost.

*bounces happily*

I also finally got through lawn mowing yesterday. It took me four days to do it but I finally got through all the grass I've been ignoring. Naturally, the large hole the dug in my front yard for the cut-off was in the mowed patch instead of the bit I missed. And, I failed my Notice Obvious skill again since it was yesterday I finally found the height adjustment to raise it an inch. Electric mowers are nice and free in this case, but also old and they just don't have... drive to keep going at it for hours at a time.

Hrm, sounds like other things in life.

Like gaming.

I also finished a petition yesterday and submitted it. Terrified, just like sending in a submission for writing, I'm not sure if they'll like it, hate it, or reject it. While I never had a flat-out rejection, this is the master's program and it was only twenty-eight pages including supporting evidence.

And, the strangest thing.

My main stopped leaking. A day after they put in the cut-off, but two days before they fixed it, it stopped spraying water all over the floor and reduced itself down to a mere dribble. I'm not going to look a gift pipe in the mouth, but it is just strange. I keep going downstairs into the basement, expecting to hear splattering and there was nothing.


But, I'm not going to argue. Yesterday was a very interesting day and I liked it.