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In the longer path of weight loss, it isn't the successes that I struggle the most, it is the failures. I haven't been taking care of myself in the last two weeks, between celebrating our anniversary and Evyl visiting for the weekend, I ate just a bit too much and it showed when I got my weigh-in yesterday. I gained 0.4 kg, which is... frustrating, but it could have been far worse. It also reminds me that I need to keep working at this, it just won't go magically away.

In other notes, I spent an hour or so today looking at other online note taking tools. I am an absolutely fan of Google Notebook because it is probably one of the best online tools I've encountered. It just works and has all those critical things I use, like bullet lists that you can adjust with tab characters and the ability to do C-b for bold. I also like the organization; it is like OneNote, but cross-platform.

But, Google Notebook is being killed off. The application doesn't quite fit with Google's plan for the future and they have other tools like Google Docs and Bookmarks. I'll use Bookmarks a lot, but Docs doesn't quite... organize the things the same as Notebook.

I looked at other note taking tools, like EverNote, Zoho, and They are interesting, but none of them are as smooth and easy to use as Google Notebook, and that is frustrating. Obviously, I'd like to use something that is maintained with pretty Firefox extensions, but... it doesn't seem to be the case. This tool is just too helpful for how I think and what I do.

Oh well.