Making a list
Weight Loss (4.1 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (1 of 4)
Commission (1,300 of 10k words)

This morning, I got a wake-up call when my eldest kitty decided that she needed some water and she is willing to get it from the kitchen sink. The dishes on the counter, on the other hand, took offense at the idea and committed suicide in protest.

I liked that bowl. :(

A small bit of drama, but no big deal.

But, I couldn't get back to sleep. As soon as Fluffy settled back to sleep, I just stared at the ceiling, thinking about projects and things I want to get done. It is mostly little stuff, writing and programming, but a few around the house items. And that all-important lose weight to avoid diabetes bit. I won't go into the specifics, mainly I don't think anyone is interested in my to do list.

I gave up around five this morning and finally got up. Ended up fixing the DNS settings on the house servers to handle the piss-poor Qwest DNS settings, doing some disk maintenance, and upgrading the main MythTV front end to hopefully get rid of the annoying delay to pause (about 3 minutes at this point) while watching Mythbusters.

Oh, and I also finished up the next ascension for Kingdom of Loathing. I'm planning on jumping into the gap as soon as I get home and maybe playing a few sauce/pasta classes to pick up a few more skills. I got the two things I really wanted this ascension, Ambidextrous Funkslinging and the Hilarious Grimore for cocktail ingredients. This will be my 17th ascension in the game (all hard core except the first). I'm still enjoying it, but there is a bit of a grind that started around ascension 14.

I did make a list of everything I wanted to get done. It is a big one, but also filled with things I can get done in a reasonable amount of time. Just need to focus, which seems to be my problem. Making a list also makes me feel better. It gives me that structure I need to realize everything is solvable. I won't be putting the entire list on my blog, mainly because I don't think anyone cares, plus it would just be noise. But, I'll put the current ones I'm focusing on the blog, not only to nag me but also the encourage me.