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Commission (6,349 words)

Oh, that high when you can write the words "END" at the bottom of the page and mean it. It is my only drug and probably one of the reasons I can't drink alcohol or anything even remotely stronger. No chemical can come close to the buzz of finishing a story.

This specific high comes from the first draft of the commission that took forever to start. It came out to just over six thousand words, which is less than the ten thousand I aimed for, but I knew it might. This is actually a set of commissions, with a 50,000 word limit; mainly for a +100% bonus for giving me money when I needed it desperately. I have the first five stories requested, this being the first one, and I might go into a sixth or seventh by the time it is finished. It might take me a few months, but I'll be damned if I don't fulfill my obligations. I got paid and I will finish.

I'm also excited because I just took a 49 second clip of an anime and turned it into this story. And for those--not just the person who asked for this--who read it, it has the potential of turning that minute into something far more intense.

And that, to be honest, excites me just as much.

I'm enjoying this moment.