Another weekend ends...
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A very enjoyable weekend, right up to Monday morning when I didn't want it to end.

On Friday, I had a couple of hours, so I putz around with working on cleaning up my commission for the second round editing and sending it off. Got a response a few hours later--they absolutely loved it and thought it was worth the wait. It didn't hurt that I remembered all the discussions I had in the last five years with this person and put in those little hot buttons that really make it personalized. I also ordered the DVD the next commission is based on; the remaining four commissions are all based on 15-40 second clips of random animes from the 80's.

The other commissioner from the one I finished two weeks ago came back with money sent via PayPal and a request for another one. Utterly awesome since, well, I like writing and this gives me a bit of structure while I work on other stuff.

On Saturday, I worked on Prebuild and got the 32/64 bit switching working with NAnt and Visual Studio 2008 targets. This is one of those annoying things that hung around for better part of a year and I think I got something rather elegant completed. Also fixed a few minor bugs along the way.

Rob Loach, who got me into the project, sent me a quick IM to give me free reign to do what I want with Prebuild. The request I posted on the forum got another "yeah, cool idea!" and a third developer doesn't really care. So, it sounds like Prebuild is going to find a new purpose in life.

I also worked a bit on the Unit Timing library, mainly documentation and some code clean up. My programming goal for this week is to get the command-line version up and running so I can actually do some performance testing. That will hit my MfGames library for the tool, but I still won't require it for the attribute marking since I want to minimize that.

I'm considering splitting Unit Timing into two assemblies, one for annotations and the other for the framework to run the tests. I'm not sure if the trade-off of simplicity and code-size is worth the annoyance of two DLL's.

I don't really having a writing goal this week, so I'm going to stick with mostly programming. I have some editing work with prior works (DG, Flight of the Scions) or I could actually start working on Glorious Saber again.

Speaking of Glorious Saber, I'm going to mess around with graphic styles a bit and see if I can come up with a different version that is easier to work with. The Thing Thing style is nice, but I can't help feeling that I'm missing a lot from there; of course, there is something to be said about the style I currently use. Abstracts are great for many things.

My goal for that is to finish the GS arc by GenCon this year.