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I noticed something about the doctors in the Iowa area. They are a lot more obsessed with money and procedures than the doctors both Fluffy and I had in Illinois. Things that would take only a visit seem to take two or three. And there are more tests needed to make even a basic decision. I don't know why this is, but it really isn't that fun. I don't think we are really having that many more medical problems but I do think it is a reflection of the medical insurance ecosystem.

And that is kind of depressing.

Now that I'm on a HSA with a high deductible, I'm suddenly noticing that doctors really charge a hell of a lot of money to do even the most basic of things. And, since they need more visits, it is more large chunks out of my HSA because they are doing what they have to do to get the money they think they deserve. I can't really say if they do, but it feels like a war between insurance and doctors, with the ammo being people like me.

Some of this is related to my dentist visit today, which required four signatures to explain that "yes, you must pay this bill, immediately!" and "insurance going slow is not an excuse to not pay the bill" and a few others to that same line. And this isn't the first dentist here that is saying that.

In other, more cheerful news, my second petition got accepted, so I only have two more to go. And only a week left in class. So, that is a little spot of sunshine.