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In the last few days, I've been cleaning up some of my base libraries in preparation of messing with Unit Testing and AdvanceMath. All of this to test my theories on generics with C# and get something closer to empirical evidence of what is going on. I don't like trusting my gut when it comes to performance numbers, mainly because performance is so subjective it isn't even funny.

Of course, I ignored this for a bit too long so I had to clean up some Subversion repositories (my writing backup is working 100%, naturally), so I can finish checking in my cleanups so I can work on the tool library (MfGames.Tools) so I can work on the Unit Testing command line interface, all so I can do this.

I love the dependency graph of my libraries. I will admit, I really want to work on the new project, but I'm fighting with tooth and nail to finish some of my older ones before I can "play" with new projects.

The problem is, the new idea has been obsessing me for three weeks now. I want to do it, but I feel that I can't with so much hanging over me. One reason I'm getting more productive and just getting things done. It's like a bribe, if I do the other things I used to love, I can do the new thing that I will no doubt love just as much.

That and this is a good programming week--Fluffy is out of town until Monday.