Making the bits all shiney

Weight Loss (4.1 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (2 of 4)

Late night because of work. I don't mind the occasional extra hours helping customers, mainly because I know I can help and, in most cases, they'll be much happier when I'm done. Still makes it a tired night though.

Didn't do much beyond that, though. I finished most of the cleaning on MfGames CIL library and shuffling things around. I'm more comfortable with it now, which is good. Now, I can focus on MfGames.Settings and MfGames.Tools which will let me do the Unit Timing reporting tool.

I also finished my college course for this semester. This weekend, I'm going to work on getting the third petition out and try to get some pretty graphics out of my unit timing library.

That will lead nicely into the growing desire to actually write some more. I found taking a week off after a commission helps a bit with the creative juices and I'm still bribing myself with a new project or playing this computer game with getting unit timing generating useful data.

And, that nasty, icky documentation process going on. It's taking a while, mainly because it requires a different set of gears. But, I want to get all of this nicely documented.

And, in the last little bit, I'm starting to work on a new style for Glorious Saber. It is still a lot like the old one, but it does more with arms and legs, which are the two things I've always struggled with. I think I'm pretty decent at backgrounds already, though I'm going to try making it look a bit more polished. And, I seriously forgot how lousy I'm at limbs; the main reason I loved the Thing Thing style, but that is me being lazy. Right now, my sketches seem a bit super deformed, which is fine. While I do have a few serious things, I want to be "not serious" about the strip and SD works nicely for there. And, like the other little bits of the comic, I'll probably use the golden ratio (body is 1.618 the height of the head) for the main characters.

Yes, I'm a geek.