No longer the queen *sniff*

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A good number of years ago, our good friend Evyl got me this kick-ass tea mug that proclaimed "I am the queen". Yeah, one of those quirky things about me, but I loved that mug. Large, with a strange little clicking noise when you truned it on the side with a large base and able to take half my tea pot at once. Sadly, this evening, I went to make my tea (too much creamer and splenda with Earl Gray) and it cracked right down the length. It wasn't even that cold before I poured stuff in it, but there was a lot of good memories with that mug.

So, I'm no longer the queen of the house.

Tomorrow, I get to have my wisdom teeth removed. While I'm not worried about the normal things about dentist visits (pain, someone yanking out things wrapped around delicate and cranky nerves, or even the occasional cracked jaw), I'm still slightly worried about be put under for the entire thing. I know, logically, there is nothing to worry about and I should be more anxious about the pain, but... emotions are a strange thing.

I've started working on DG as my writing project for the week. Only into the first chapter, but it has been so long since I read the book that it actually new again. And I can focus on the chapters and find those stupid typos that have been there. It just took me years of setting it aside to actually see them. I had the same problem with MG and some of my short stories, I memorize so much of my writing that I can't see the flaws until it is finally purged from memory.

Still fun to read something that is new again.