Changing gears

Weight Loss (4.1 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (2 of 4)
DG Edit (0 of 33 chapters)

Weight was not good for me yesterday. There are little tips and tricks with Weight Watchers that I know about, one of them is don't wear jeans to weigh-in day. Those suckers are heavy. And, because of a lack of doing laundry, I did that exact thing, so I'm not exactly sure if I lost or gained, mainly because of a new variable in the mix. So, I'm holding my breath this week but still a bit down for going up.

I'm also trying not to worry about the dentist appointment on Thursday. I don't know why I'm worrying, I like doctors and I'm not too worried about this. But, there is that stupid part of me that is just worried.

This morning, I released my MfGames CIL library. Minor little step, but just the head of a long list of dependencies which should take me through to the new year.

For my major project this week, I'm going to finish the edits on DG. They have been hanging around for better part of a year and I already paid for the chapter plates, I just need to actually come up with a list of illustrations I want. And that requires me to actually finish it and knock out 10-30k words.

This is the hard bit.