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Petition #3 Responses

Ended staying up to nearly midnight last night to finish up the responses for the petition. Even though I felt pretty comfortable with the answers, I'm still uncomfortable with what they were asking. I had one other petition rejected in the same way, for the networking class. The first round came back with a comment that my resume didn't show heavy networking experience. So, I added five pages on the various networking I did for SIL. It came back again, with show more information about networking skills. I had no clue what they were talking about. I told them I did it, I explained all the cases where I used networking. I also couldn't figure out what part of networking they wanted, and they wouldn't tell me.

So, I went with one of my vices: wordy. A thirty page paper on how to do networking. It included the basic process of wiring RJ-45 plugs, including the differences between the A and B style wiring. I had tips on wiring houses and buildings, including the cases where you use PVC verses plenum wires. I went with configurations on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Basics of software firewalls and using `tcpdump` to track down errant network usage. I also even included the IPv4 firewall configurations to handle things like SYN and smurf attacks (the two I dealt with personally). Which naturally required a discussion on IPv4 and IPv6 packet headers.

As a note, I really do try to be a jack-of-trades in life.

I got it, but I still don't know what they wanted. I just info-dumped on them and hoped it work. I did something similar to this petition, which I'm not entirely happy with. I gave them how I would honestly use the PMBOK from the view of my experiences and my own style. I gave links to where my discussions in my previous answers correlate to the PMBOK bullet points and expanded with specific examples. The one thing I didn't do was use the section numbers and exact names of processes to describe what I did.