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Weight Loss (6.4 of 14.7 kg)
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Petition #3 Responses

I'm excited and worried at the same time. My weigh-in for Weight Watchers was... good. Actually, a bit too good so I'm worried that I won't be able to lose weight tomorrow because of some quirk. Came out to almost 3 kg in a week. This reverses the weight gain in the two weeks before and then some, but I'll have to be extra focused on walking fast, getting some excercise, and eating healthy. I'm 0.45 kg from my next star and 0.91 kg from losing 5% of my initial weight at Weight Watchers.

Fluffy is out of town for a few days, so I get to enjoy obsessing at home. This week, I'm planning on working on my third college petition feedback and then the commission due in a week or so. The commissioner is anxious to get it and I really want to see how the story turns out. It is probably one of the largest ones I've done from someone else's idea, so this is going to be a challenge. While I can write fifteen thousand word stories, I do better with less than that.

My "sweet spot" for short stories is five to ten thousand words. That is where at least 90% of everything I write for myself falls into. Naturally, it is larger than most of the places looking for short stories which makes it harder to find places to submit.

Not that schedules impact writing at all *cough*, but the ten thousand mark is also the largest story I can reasonably write in a single evening. I have to be really into the story, dreaming and thinking about it constantly, but sitting down after work until bed time, I get just under four hours. Naturally, that times goes into Fluffy, animals, and housework also, but when she's out of town, I write more.

Imagine that.