Up a Level
Rolling up the past

It has been an interesting week. Beyond the usual of just getting homework done (unit 7 of 12) and the final petition out, I also got caught up in the final throes of a massive undertaking I was doing at work. I'm trying really hard to keep with my original estimates (since last year I got dinged for giving poor estimates), but this last week is going to be an absolute killer. And things outside of my control are blocking me.

But, that is life. I'm doing a bit of extra hours this weekend to make sure I can get everything done.

I also got involved with a mental puzzle with Kingdom of Loathing. Yes, it is entirely optional in my life, but the intellectual challenge of doing it is really obsessing me. I know it can be done, just trying to figure out how to do it.

Beyond that, I'm getting ready for enjoying a 4-5 day holiday with my dad up at the family cabin. Which means I have to work extra hard this week to finish a day early so I can not feel guilty about taking Friday off.