Cramming in the days

When a co-worker told me he was moving tomorrow, it wasn't a matter of asking if he needed help, it was asking him when he wanted me to show up. As I say, that is what friends do. Now, it makes the rest of my week a bit harder since I need to finish my homework in three days before I head out to the cabin for the weekend.

One thing that lowered the pressure is my commissioner decided that I was taking too long on this commission. I suggested that they could cancel since I wasn't producing what they wanted. A day later, it was canceled. In the eight years I've been doing commissions, this is the first time I've actually had one be canceled. It hurts, but I also know that I was seriously struggling with getting the requirements in and still being happy with the story. I'm sad to see it go, mainly because I spent weeks on it, but it is the right thing.

... doesn't make it hurt any less.